December 31, 2004

Categories and Ontology

Took some good advice from some good people, and have decided to reign in the empty categories a bit. Having too many empty categories wasn't a good look at this early stage. Instead, the ontology will roll out gradually.

I've hired another editor to to help build a unique dataset of authoritative websites. We don't have a free-for-all submission queue, rather we seek out internet sites and add them to the directory by hand. Quality, not quantity. We also welcome listing requests from webmasters for a review fee of $25.

The volume of webmaster submissions is also ramping up (strange for this time of year, eh), and we're seeing very high quality overall - we've only needed to reject a handful thus far.

This reaffirms my opinion that free submission policies result in mostly junk. Professional webmasters who value their domains know the value of a quality directory listing, and the value of their time. They don't want their listings buried under a pile of fly-by-night sites. Our review fee and editorial policy ensures there's a barrier to entry, and this has the benefit of filtering out most of the deadwood.

In a few weeks time, we'll have the start of something unique and valuable. Stay tuned, and happy new year :)