December 28, 2004

Topic Centers

We're populating categories with "Topic Center" sites, also known as authority sites.

We identify and select these sites using a methodology that includes both machine and human analysis. These listings are not the result of webmaster submission or paid placement. These are free listings sought out by our editorial staff.

Works like this - for every paid listing request we process, we seek out and add a less commercial Topic Center site. We also seek out non-profit and educational resources. This policy helps us achieve a balance in editorial between commercial and non-commercial interests.

Over time, authorities can change. So too will the authority sites we list. We feel that this approach will give us a unique, interesting and fresh data set. Some directories have become tired, outdated and stale because the existing data isn't reviewed and churned on a regular basis.

Unlike some directories, we are not focused on delivering quantity. Instead, we're taking a reductive approach based on the notion that communities of interest have a limited number of authorities at the center, around which the entire community orients. We're looking to identify and categorize these authorities.

We do not feel that the traditional, passive directory model of waiting for submissions from webmasters will allow us to accomplish our goals. Instead, we have adopted a model that will enable our editors to pro-actively identify and categorize authorities and, more importantly, keep these listings up to date.

In addition, our URL queue is open to webmasters who feel that their site will compliment our Topic Center listings, and those submissions are subject to a review fee in order to help fund our work.

This policy will also serve to ensure our editors time is used in the most efficient and productive manner possible, as free submission policies can often result in significant administration over-head and low-quality listing requests. does not carry advertising, and accepted listing requests should not be construed as such.