January 21, 2005

DMOZ come through. Sort of.

Here's how not to do marketing.

There are two main features to the Rubberstamped directory: turn-around time and fresh content. To illustrate this, we decided to show the problem with DMOZ i.e. slow turn around time and lack of fresh content. We submitted to DMOZ, then planned to count the days to acceptance. Of course, this count would go into the hundreds before acceptance. It was highly likely we would never be accepted.

We were wrong.

What happened was Mr DMOZ founder himself, Rich Skrenta, got in touch, personally, and mentioned that we had been added to DMOZ. Days to DMOZ: Erm...eight. And a personal note from the founder.


How embarrassing. The least we could do was approve Mr Skrenta's listing request in RubberStamped :) Rich has also been so good as to agree to an interview, and talk about what he's up to these days. We'll be publishing this on as soon as we're done chatting. That may take some time as Rich is a very interesting chap.

So, DMOZ:1 RubberStamped: 0

Own goal.