January 13, 2005


I'm going to add a few of my favourite blogging tools over the next few days.

One of the cool tools we have listed in our Blogging Tools category is Ping-o-Matic. This tool enables bloggers to ping the leading blog aggregator sites using one simple form. The bots then know when to come and crawl your fresh content.

The search engines need something like this.

Two day deadline

It's now day two of our 'No Sleep 'till DMOZ' experiment. Unsurprisingly, we are not listed in DMOZ, nor had any communication with regards to our submission. Here's the cat we submitted to: Computers: Internet: Searching: Directories

To be fair, we didn't expect a response within two days. DMOZ make no assurances as to when a site will be processed, if at all.

However, day two is significant - Rubberstamped turns around all requests within this time period. We feel that webmasters should be given a high level of service from directories, which in turn keeps our directory fresh and up-to-date, which in turn benefits users. Everyone wins.

Stay tuned...

January 12, 2005

No sleep 'till DMOZ

One of the reasons for starting this directory was that we felt that DMOZ can often be slow to add sites, and that for a directory to remain fresh and up-to-date, then it has to add relevant sites quickly.

Is this statement unfair?

Let's try a little experiment - we'll submit this site to DMOZ and count the days until acceptance.

Step One: Search dmoz for an appropriate category. Received error message "The Open Directory search is temporarily unavailable". No problem, we'll browse the categories.

Step Two: Found appropriate category: Computers: Internet: Searching: Directories. Browsed the existing sites listed in that category and it appears that our site is a good fit.

Step Three: Read submission guidelines. We appear to qualify.

Step Four: Complete the Add URL form. Here's what we submitted: Rubberstamped - A searchable web directory of sites categorised by topic. Features a mix of editorial and webmaster submissions.

Step Five: Read the terms, and the bit about granting Netscape Communications non-exclusive rights to our submission. All looks ok. Submit.

Step Six: According to the confirmation page, our submission was received. There's no detail about when consideration will take place, but we shall see.

The count begins...

January 11, 2005

Internet Trends

I enjoy watching trends. Here's a list of top ten trend sites that I regularly keep an eye on.