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  1. Slotted Weights
    Slotted weights are manufactured from high quality cast iron that meets ANSI/ASTM E617 hardness requirements and are free of cracks, pits and sharp edges. Contact to SWPI today for your business.
  2. HDI PCBs
    Bittele Electronics has established itself as a HDI PCB manufacturing and assembly services provider for prototype and low volume electronic contract manufacturing.
  3. Circuit Card Assembly
    With headquarters in Dublin, CA, and production facilities in Shenzhen, China, Asian Circuits Inc., a contract circuit board assembly manufacturer, is an expert in mid- and high-run printed circuit board assembly.
  4. Printed board Assembly
    We provide PCB manufacturing and assembly services in the United Kingdom.
  5. Din E-cigaret webshop
    Top rated products and only the best quality e cigaret. In the shop you will find all the really popular e-cigarette models.
  6. - Battery Wholesaler offers Duracell Procell and Rayovac Ultra Pro batteries in AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V. We also carry Coin Cell, Medical, and other specialty batteries. Free Shipping on all orders!
  7. PCB Assembly
    Bittele Electronics is a reliable small volume electronic contract manufacturer (ECM) and one PCB manufacturer and assembly house.
  8. Stove Stopper Stops House Fires
    You can prevent tragic house fires from happening to your family using Stove Stopper. Stove Stopper prevents stove fires. Stove Stopper knows when someone is cooking because it uses a motion sensor.
  9. Red Energy
    Switch Online to Red Energy for your gas and electricity needs. We are an 100% Australian owned energy company offering great discounts and rewards.
  10. PCB Design Services
    We have the expertise to assist you with your PCB layout design needs, from new board designs to updating existing boards.

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Last modified: Nov 5, 2018