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  1. Film School Rankings
    Information about obtaining an education in the field of film.
  2. Missile Defense - 33 Minutes Film
    Find out why U.S. missile defense is more important today than during the Cold War with Russia. Includes a look at the The nuclear weapons threat level from nations hostile to the U.S.
  3. Sports DVDs Guide
    A guide to sports dvds and movies organzied by category.
  4. On Demand - Movies & Videos, TV Shows, Galleries & Downloads - Universal Video On Demand
    Universal Video On Demand featuring movies and tv shows, downloads, galleries, and videos on demand.
  5. Filmmaking Community, Movie Discussions, & Focus Features -
    A website for movie lovers. This is the movie lovers' community where one can engage in discussion, indulge curiosity, and find resources on the film making process.
  6. Free War Movies & Military Videos
    War Movies and Military Videos of American history turning points, Navy Seals in basic training, World War 1 newsreels, Pearl Harbor documentaries, World War 2 propaganda films, Korean War movies, Iraq videos and combat footage.
  7. Adult DVD - Adult DVDs, Porn Stars & Sex Toys
    Buy adult dvd movies in every genre. Shop for adult dvds & videos of all types. Buy discount dvd porn: straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transexual , she-male , classic and value packs.
  8. CelebTV Celebrity News
    Breaking celebrity news and entertainment news headlines.
  9. - Offers movie reviews about upcoming movies
    Movie review site giving members the chance to write a movie review, discuss an upcoming movie or blog about a new movie release.
  10. New Dune Movie
    Information and news on the upcoming new Dune movie.

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Last modified: Nov 3, 2019