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  1. What is Meningitis?
    Every parent and school nurse should know the facts about meningitis prevention, symptoms and treatment. Learn how to help protect your kids.
  2. Sklice® (ivermectin) Lotion Application
    Watch a video showing step-by-step instructions for applying prescription Sklice Lotion.
  3. Talk to Your Doctor About Pertussis
    Learn how to talk to your doctor about Tdap vaccination, including a downloadable discussion guide.
  4. Speech Therapy For Children
    State-licensed and nationally-certified speech-language pathologists. Providing speech therapy for children in Charlotte, NC.
  5. Conception Calculator
    Website provides a free calculator for estimating when a child birth will occur after conception.
  6. Aptaclub
    Provides information on Aptamil as well as articles and a discussion forum for mums and mums to be.
  7. Aptamil Professional
    Provides research on infant nutrition and useful tools for healthcare professionals supporting mums.
  8. Eyeglasses
    Shop online when looking for eyeglasses, mens glasses and eyeglass frames for men. Providing the widest selection of designer glasses at huge savings when compared to retail prices.
  9. Newborn Baby Food
    Enfamil PREMIUM Newborn baby food provides the vitamin D newborns need for vital growth and development during baby's first 3 months.
  10. Influenza Vaccine
    Influenza is a contagious respiratory disease that affects between 5% and 20% of the U.S. population each year. Help protect your family with an influenza vaccine.

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Last modified: Nov 5, 2018