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  1. Plain Packaging Campaign - Sign Up To Plain Packs Protect
    By signing up and showing support for our plain packaging campaign, you can help protect our children from the dangers of smoking. Please support us!
  2. Donate to Help Cancer Foundation Research are funding breakthrough research and sharing cutting-edge knowledge with a focus on oncology research for cancer patients. You can learn more and donate to this ASCO affiliated foundation here.
  3. DNA Testing
    UK court approved, accredited, DNA paternity testing to identify relationships.
  4. Prophase Genetics
    Prophase Genetics is a comprehensive DNA paternity testing company which provides results with a 99.999% probability of paternity.
  5. DNA Test
    International Biosciences provide DNA profiling services, specialising in establishing paternity to the general public both in the UK and worldwide.
  6. AARP- Benefits, Advocacy and Information on Aging
    Enhancing quality of life for all as people age. Leading positive social change and delivering value to people age 50 and over through information, advocacy and service.
  7. Plastic Surgery Phoenix
    The Cosmetic Surgery Institute specializes in full body Plastic Surgery Phoenix list of quality legal professionals who practice in the exact field and region you specify.
  8. Pharmaceutical & Medical Writing Conferences
    Provides education/training for pharmaceutical executives, as well as a global forum for information on medicine and health care technology.


Last modified: Nov 5, 2018