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  1. Articles on Racial Profiling
    Find articles and news on racial discrimination, profiling and more from USA on Race.
  2. Jackson Michigan News
    The Jackson Independent Monitor is the local source for independent coverage of local news, sports, politics and more.
  3. Long Island Newspaper
    Long Island newspaper and directory with news, classifieds, entertainment chat and more on and around Long Island New York. The guide to everything that is Long Island.
  4. ABYZ News Links - Newspaper and News Media Guide
    A world wide directory of newspapers and news media sources. While it does not contain news content, it does contain an extensive set of links to news resources. Topic Center
  5. Poynter Online - A School for Journalists, and Teachers of Journalists
    Intelligent and informative articles on journalism, which provides an deep insight into the profession. Also provides news on the profession, and discussions between journalists. Topic Center


Last modified: Nov 5, 2018