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  1. Study Guides and Strategies - Provides study hints and tips
    An educational public service providing study strategies, guides, hints and tips. Topic Center.
  2. LiveManual - Provides interactive electronics manuals online
    Allows consumers to learn about their favorite products and brands in a fun and simple way. features LiveManuals simulations and interactive user manuals of popular consumer electronics. Topic Center.
    How2become is a UK based careers training website offering DVDs, Books and courses to help applicants pass the recruitment process.
  4. Biology study guide
    Need to learn about Biology? Shmoop makes learning more fun and relevant for students in the digital age. Find all the information you need to gain a better understanding of Biology, from study guides, practice tests, and more.
  5. Pimsleur Approach Language Learning
    Pimsleur Approach provides language courses for 40 different languages with curriculum rooted in Dr Pimsleur's 20 years of research
  6. Air Purifier Guide
    Guide to air purifier technology, realistic health benefits and major brands. Definitive answers provide by research sources like the Environmental Protection Agency, Mayo Clinic, and New England Journal of Medicine.
  7. Security Systems Buying Guide
    Security System buying guide offering price analysis, comparing system leading versus purchases, and local versus national buying guides.
  8. The Complete Recession Survival Guide
    'How to' guide for surviving a recession offers solutions to the many problems caused by an economic downturn. Discover ways to make money, save money, prepare for the worst, stay healthy and more.
  9. Experimental Research
    A Guide to Experimental Research. How to design experiments and research, writeup of research papers and research ethics.
  10. Weight Lifting Complete - A Guide to Weight Lifting
    The free WLC Program to build muscle and lose fat is provided. Guidance on weight lifting programs, diets, weighted stretching, cardio, equipment, accessories, planning, supplements, and more is provided free of charge.

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Last modified: Nov 5, 2018