- Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

When we receive your listing request, our editors will visit your site in order to confirm subject matter and relevance. Our aim is to match the link text with the content and purpose of the site, and to run a clean, ad-free, high quality directory.

In order for your request to progress smoothly, please follow our listing guidelines.

Step One

Please ensure that your site is:

We do not accept the following:

Step Two

Search the directory for a category that best fits your site. Compare your site with those already listed. Once you've found an appropriate category, click Add URL. Note: Editors may alter categorization if a site is determined to be better suited to a different category.

Step Three

Fill out the form.


Specify the name of your site and describe what the user can do on your site, or how they benefit from visiting your site:

For example...

It is important that your link text accurately reflects how the end user will interact with your site. Editors may re-word links if they cannot locate the material or services described and their decision is final.


Describe the content of the site. Descriptions should be objective, and not promotional. Descriptions should reflect the content of your About Us page. Please do not use all capitals.

A complete listing may look something like this:

RubberStamped - Provides A Directory Of Human Reviewed Websites
A web directory featuring human reviewed site listings. Webmasters can list their site for a one time review fee of $39.95 USD subject to approval.

Step 4

Make payment via PayPal. Site and link review costs $39.95. This is a one time fee. Please ensure you have followed the guidelines closely. If your link isn't acceptable, and you have followed the guidelines in Step One, we will refund the fee.

Step 5

Your listing request will be processed within 48 hours (Business Days, Mon-Fri). We will send you an email to confirm. You can also check if your listing is live by searching the directory.

The RubberStamped Directory thanks you for your listing and we welcome your comments and feedback. Email us: editors AT


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